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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

We're all caught in the same web. When you wiggle, I jiggle.

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Since it all in motion, the positive and negative “lessons” are already under way. It is absurd to think I really teach anything or that I only teach positively. 
There are people who encounter what I share and say, 
“Fuck she’s crazy,” 
and in that moment, they learn what they do NOT want. 
We are all a positive and negative teacher to each other. 
It’s just whether or not we want to admit people are going to learn from us whether they like us or not. 

That’s reality.

And still we root for life, for survival, for innocence, for love... we have no choice in this either... we quite naturally root for life, love, innocence, happiness...

What if outcome is not the point at all and playing the game is the only point? 

Then tragedy is never the point, and caring is always the only thing that matters.