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Friday, October 3, 2014


Just for a moment.

Feel the magic of the in-breath, the out-breath. Feel the belly rising and falling in its own sweet time, like an ocean wave. 

Notice what's alive in your body right now. Come out of the story of past and future, of regret and anticipation, of 'what's not here' and 'what should be here', and give some kind attention to the dance of physical sensation happening here, where you are. 
A fluttery feeling in the stomach, now. 
A tension in the shoulders, a pressure in the forehead, now. 
A light, excited feeling in the chest, now.

If you find an area of discomfort, that's okay - be present with it. Don't try to get rid of it, make it go away. 

Don't label it, or judge it as 'bad' or 'negative'. 
Right now, don't even try to 'heal' it. 
Sometimes even 'healing' can be a subtle form of resistance. 
And if you notice any resistance, any non-acceptance, allow that to be here too. 
Remain curious, fascinated. Be curious even about your lack of curiosity.

Allow all thoughts to come and go. 

Thoughts are clouds, you are the sky, the space for all thoughts, not their enemy. Don't try to delete thoughts or even quiet them down. 
Embrace their glorious noise, and know they are not who you truly are.

Don't try to make anything happen. 

You're not seeking a different experience. 
Become curious about this experience! 
This day.
 This hour. 
This moment. 
This immediacy. 
Where you are. 
What's it like, here? 
Meet this moment in its freshness.

You cannot be truly curious about your immediate, embodied present experience and be stuck in a story of fear and regret at the same time. 

If premature conclusions are the dis-ease, if fear and stress are the symptoms, open-hearted curiosity is the only true medicine. 
This moment is your anchor, your cosmic home in a chaotic ever-changing world, your calm in the midst of the storm.