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Friday, October 31, 2014

My extraordinary is your normal force. True Energy: Others can sense it, but can't see it. It is a mystical power that has been developed over years of internal and external preparedness.

When you train correctly, you develop skills that go beyond mere physical techniques.

This energy is difficult to describe or define, but basically it is a calm confidence that carries within. It comes from deep in our spirit and is sensed by others in different ways.

Some people will feel intimidated or uneasy; others will feel that you are dangerous and that they shouldn't cross you.

To most people, it is simply a feeling that they get about you, but they can't explain it.

This mystical energy can cause people to see you as unapproachable or unfriendly, until they get to really know you.

Then they see you as someone to be respected, someone who knows how to carry himself in such as way that he gives off the aura of power and strength.

Predators also sense this energy and it alerts them that you are NOT A TARGET. They are proficient in sensing who would make a easy target and who would turn into a nightmare should they decide target him as prey.

This is the true energy - the aura of power.

You may not sense it in yourself, but others will.

Stay on that path and I guarantee you that at one time or another, someone will mention this to you.