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Sunday, October 19, 2014

I will always listen deeply to you, but 
I will never try to fix you, 
mend you, 
stop you feeling what you are feeling or give you second-hand, 
memorised answers. 

I will never pretend to be 
'the one who knows', 
'the enlightened one' or 
some missionary for a conceptual truth so far removed from real-time, immediate, first-hand present experience. 

I will not get into drama with you, 
I will not indulge and feed your stories and mental conclusions and fears, 
I will not mistake who you are for my story about you, my dream of who you are.

But friend, 

I will meet you in the fires of hell, 
I will hold your hand there, 
I will walk with you as far as you need to walk, and not turn away, 
for you are myself, and 
in the deepest recesses of our experience we are intimately each other, 
for we cannot pretend otherwise...