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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My guru is this moment. My lineage is this moment. My spiritual path is this moment. And my home is this moment.

Even when things fall apart, who you really are cannot fall apart.

What you are is simply the ocean which allows every wave of experience to arise and fall. Waves of fear, 
helplessness, and 
even heartbreak are not a problem for what you are. It is all simply the ocean breathing in and out. In the ocean's depths, there is a peace beyond understanding.

In the beginning, 
I found myself lost in the 'relative' perspective ("I'm a separate person desperately trying to fix myself, to become perfect, pure, enlightened, whole."). 
Later on, 
I got stuck in the 'absolute' perspective ("There's no world, no time, no me... and no perspectives!"). These days, 
what's seen is this: 
The absolute dances AS the relative. 
The ocean dances AS the waves. 
And so the words 'absolute' and 'relative' melt away.... 
And the dance goes on......

Life is here to break your heart over and over again until you realise that heartbreak is life too. 
And then your heart can no longer be broken. Or fixed. 
And you stand naked in front of life, 
moment by moment, 
knowing that whatever happens is totally okay even in the midst of perfect devastation, which, of course, is devastating perfection. 
This is freedom beyond the speaking of it.