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Saturday, October 11, 2014

There is a scripture that says.....think of the other more highly than yourself. ...,.my advice spend more time with "have nots"

Here's the thing.

It is easy to feel sorry for or look to help someone who we perceive has less (not only materially) than us.

But what if I were to say that this is a little trick our primitive nature plays on us, what that somehow shake the core of many of our beliefs?

By creating a pecking order of the haves and have nots, it actually place the have nots in a lower position than us thus satisfying our automatic brain's instinct to place us above others in order to "protect" us or insulate us from danger.

We all have a primitive nature and we all have a divine nature.

To access the latter, I feel it is essential to recognize that even someone we perceive as bigger, better, richer, better looking, more social, smarter...even Tigger has a soul.