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Monday, October 27, 2014

Don't blame YOUR behaviour on someone else. YOU are 100% responsible for YOUR actions.

Every single day, I hear people say that so-and-so MADE them mad, or that they would not have done this or that if so-and-so had not have done something that they didn't like. 

This is simply a way of shifting responsibility away from yourself and on to others.
Here's a news flash for some people - nobody MAKES you do anything; you, and only only you, decide what you are going to do.

YOU are completely responsible for what YOU do and what YOU do not do. You are 100% responsible for every single action that you perform.
Don't try to justify your actions by blaming someone else.

That is merely saying that you aren't strong enough to control your own emotions or actions. That is weak!

Take responsibility for yourself.
Take control of your life.

Nobody else is responsible for what you do; that is YOUR job.

You should decide to live a life of honour and integrity in spite of what anyone else does or does not do.

 "The man of principle never forgets what he is, because of what others are."