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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I should hold myself like a hold a baby- fearless, and overwhelm by loving care and total accepting.

What is present now? 
What has been here since you were a little baby, and before? 
What will be present as you take you last breath? 
What is present on the first breath, and present on the final breath? 
What don’t age? 
What does not compare breaths? 
What does not tell itself that it’s five years old, ten years old, fifty years old, and eighty years old? 
What does not know birth or death?

There is only this breath. 
And this breath. 

What you are does not tell itself “this is the first breath”. It does not tell itself “this is the last breath”. There is only this breath, this Now. 
Each breath is brand new, immediate, fresh, and miraculous. 

Who you are never gets bored of breathing.

What is always at rest? 
What does not need to understand? 
What does not need to understand the concept of ‘rest?’ 

What never needs to know how to rest yet is at rest, always?