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Saturday, November 2, 2013

You will not create change in your life until you feel it in your core that your life must change...

We can’t afford to let go of the identity whether you are asleep, awake or dreaming. 

This identity is all the time there, and we do not want to let go of that identity. Its interest is to maintain the continuity of that. 

When the identity is not there, you have no way of identifying yourself with anything except through the help of knowledge. 
I do accept like anybody else in this world the reality of the world, as it is imposed on me. 

Otherwise, I would end up in the loony bins, singing loony tunes and merry melodies but at the same time, I know that thought is functional in its nature. 

It cannot help me to achieve something that I am not.

So protect your imagination garden from the “varmints” and pests of negativity, those people who would steal your dreams away. 
Protect it from the scavengers and blight of cynicism. 
Don’t share it with those who would damage the sprouts as they work toward the surface with discouraging words. 
Finally, water your imagination garden with daily doses of love.