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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Do you think we hate things because we don't want to face ourselves? Do you think we hate things because we are afraid of being alone?

I don't think we hate things. I think we hate fear and the creativity it implies. In order to not fully encounter that, we move piles around in ways we'd rather not. 

Human wants to suffer their property. That’s why we has it. It gives us purpose. Without it, we'd wander around and discover there isn’t much to do except deal with property.

Thinking is designing. We understand this because we're designing the things we hate doing through the justifications we use to convince ourselves to do it. 

Designing is directly for property, including life experience. Thinking is our natural mutation. It's a muscle. It can atrophy like any other kind.

This all changes the second we design the things we like doing, rather than the things we hate doing. Same energy, different literal paths on the island. We're ants that can ignore the Queen's commands. She can't move anyway. She's just pumping out more workers.

Think: Feng Shui for the whole life, not just furniture.

What I have found, and I am no example of anything but a dip shit crashing through a pain glass window, is eventually the see-saw of social "have-to's" stops. It doesn't lead to farting kittens, necessarily. 

It just leads to the end of FOMO.

I am missing out on more than I could ever enjoy if I were not. 

So what?

There is a way to be stupid honest. More honest than the Industries of Hope and Knowledge allow for. The kind of honesty that bankrupts. It's this kind, really. This plain old thinking aloud while it rains on the shelter.

As far as I can tell, emotions are a form of human currency, traded on a market of acceptance like any other kind of commodity. 

If we don't admit this, we fall for each others ideas about what's going on. 
If I talked to you like a robot, you would think I was kidding around. You wouldn't assume I was speaking as clearly as I could emotionally. 
If you did, you'd have to admit you are as bankrupt as I am.

The feeling of not being recognized emotionally is a threat only because the fear of being alone with intelligence demands empty pockets. 

The identity I could be, which could only be sound, has more room than "understanding" allows for. Privately we are each an arcade game. 
If I don't explore fear, I don't explore creativity.

I am more interested in the edges between culture and original potential for culture. 

This interest is physiological more than philosophical. 
It appears possible to give up the search for absolute truth and simply aim for autism. 
It is a strategy and nothing else, a way to design experience.

I think a lot of what I attempt to communicate is for people who can smell something cooking beyond the fence of peer pressure. 

People who don't want a new culture to feel bound by or don't need a leader. 
People who understand thinking is designing and designing is our mutation. 
People who know no one owns them.

If I don't care necessarily how you are designing your life, that doesn't mean, in an emergency, I wouldn't help you survive.

Of all the things we do to suffer, lying to each others face about our actual interest in what the other person thinks and feels is the greatest.

We can be liberated through apathy as long as we stop calling it that.

I tend to feel warmth around the people I am around, even though I don't tend to always care what the noise is about. 

Consequently, the warmth is BTU's.

Learning is ongoing. 

Play has a lot to do with it. Playing. 
Being the entire bank of emotions, trying them all on without fearing any particular one, including fear.

This includes the emotions of sentencing. Reading in more than one kind of voice. 

Thinking in more than one kind of sound. 
Feeling possibility for identity, rather than rigidity. In short, playing with the imagination.

This is not a solution to the problem of fear, nor is designing it like that beneficial. 

Fear isn't a really problem. 
It's a force. 
It can be guided like any other liquid on the island.

I don't/can't have answers because there aren't actually questions. 

I simply possess the potential to arrange sounds. 
That's it.