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Tuesday, November 5, 2013


The core of suffering is property. We dearly want to make it fancier than that. We want it to be some kind of stunt-double “I” we were told wants our job or some leftover “satanic self” from the feastless ignorance of antiquity. It is shockingly simpler than that. 
We suffer because we ignore the inevitable reality that whatever we think is ours, isn’t

The challenge in all the pointing cultures is the thing being pointed to be doing the pointing. This literally fries the seeker’s brain until there are no interests in being anywhere other than where shit goes down. 
THIS is where shit goes down.

If I had an instruction for any seeking of the nature of truth it’d be: 

There is no reason why anyone in your life is in my life. 
It is totally random that this IS.

I can absolutely feel you even if I cannot wade along in your think-stream. 
You feel heavenly at all possible distances. 

The theory of “losing my mind” is built around the essence of sound and silence. 

To understand help is impossible is found in actually listening. 
Actually listening to the nature of sound and silence is the core essence of discovering the only thing that can happen is private, nonsequieter projections. 

The premise of reality is based on one brain only. Ride that fear home, baby. The brain speaking is not linked to the brain listening. Ship set sail for a...

There is no way to know if the need is being met by listening unless the nature of silence is understood. Don’t joke. 
You can either handle silence or you can’t. 
Be real about it. 
You’ll just suffer communications until you admit reality. 
No one is actually talking or listening.

Everyone I listen to is speaking to who they think they are. 
No one has ever actually talked to me nor I to them. 
The discovery of reality is no one can actually join thought streams. 

Everyone is balancing on the edge of their own desire to be heard. Silence is where the fallen live.

--The silence is unhindered by the sound of: 

--Being rascally is not a choice. It’s a penance. 

--Another name for I is: 
Listen, Silence! 
This is it! 

Everyone is balancing on the edge of their own desire to be heard. Silence is where the fallen live.

--The silence is unhindered by the sound of: I. READ IT AGAIN!

--Being rascally is not a choice. It’s a penance. 

--Another name for I is: 

--Listen, Silence! This is it! 

You are the perfect totality of All-Star TeamBeing subjected to a sentence-sound stream of thought made of your own consciousness. It is NOT personal. There is NO reason for reading this. It is simply what is whateverthewhyishappening. 

You are nothing but a single vantage point in a sea of vantage points so vast, if you knew how vast you’d be scared of the next person you heard speak to you. You’d be like, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?”

--I live loud in my emotions and no one can take that from me. I scream in my heart at the reality of being alive and it has nothing to do with a single person who could witness it. It is between me and GODDAMNGODDAMN!

--Love is the destruction of shame. That’s it. It is the unapologetic reality of knowing there is no one loving.

--What I read is for no reason. What I think is for no reason. What I dream is for no reason. There is no reason I am. The belief in other creates the need for purpose. No other; no purpose. 

--It is impossible for us to witness each other. All that can happen is Immaculate Privacy.

--You can call this being alive thingy whatever you want. Seriously. No one’s got a patent on making noises.

--The agony of wanting-other is caused by the belief in recognition. There is no possible way anything could ever be recognized. 

--We play with everything around us based on what we want from it and we pretend it’s involved in that. That’s how we suffer it.

--We project our longing for love onto the material of death. 
This is why it doesn’t actually relieve the longing. 

--Whoever I think is out there ain’t. 

--The fear is how love comes in through the back door like a rapist. 

--What is called Ego, Mind, Body and Consciousness is READING THIS. 
Think nice and calmly about it and then go get that refund from the $piritual Circu$.

--If you weren’t what spirituality was, there would be no sense to it at all.

--If THIS is not if-able, what does that say about sound?

--Silence noises freely. 
Try to stop it, love. 
Go on. Give it a go. 
Try to stop silence from noising.

--I can’t know anything about anything with any sound or not sound. Blah, blah, blah. Silence, silence, silence. Help me! Help me! 
Relampagos! Relampagos! Sshhshshshshs…………..


Body runs on fear. Without out it, you'd collapse. 

Culture makes it feel otherwise, all the friends, family and personality reference points helping it feel like something important is happening together. This is why solitude is recommend by all the sages. Only when there are no other people literally around to mirror the delusional identity of society can the simplicity of "WANT TO LIVE!" be felt as the movement towards warmth when cold, coolness when hot, food when hungry, drink when thirsty and sleep when tired.