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Thursday, November 28, 2013


To respond skillfully to a momentary danger is one thing. Living in a state of fear is quite another. 

We really don't need to always be on alert. 
In fact, unless you're walking through a jungle urban or otherwise at night, fear does not serve you well. Indeed, stress hormones that arise for more than a few seconds do serious damage to your body, not to mention your psyche. 
Think of the number of times you can recall when your fear was actually needed in the moment compared to the number of times you have struggled with anxiety and fear.

It is interesting how the fear response is triggered when there is nowhere to go and no one to fight. 
Once in action, definitive opposite truth and distraction seem to be the only things that can eradicate the fear process. 
Would that we could teach the entirety of the world to release this unnecessary aspect of our being. This topic fascinates me for so many reasons.