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Friday, November 22, 2013

Looking at? ... more relief just looking... maybe the "at" is implied...


You're looking for what you are so you can't find it. 
That's why you're looking. 
You don't want to find what you are. 
If you did, you'd stop looking for and start looking AT. 
Looking at is simple. 
You can do looking at in your sleep. 
Looking for? 
Come on, sugar buns. 
What could you be looking for when all you can do is look at? 
The other animals are looking at the same traffic go by. 
Some of them don't see it either. 


Tried fisting recently. 

Have you ever tried it? 
It did not work out well for me. 
I was alone, fell over, broke my wrist. 
Have you ever tried to pull your own broken wrist out of your already aching rectum? 
Me neither. 
I am typing this with one hand.


Zazen is a simple enough way to break even.