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Saturday, November 9, 2013

You can learn to control the stories, stepping in and out at will, thereby eliminating personal suffering. Learn it now.

We create heaven and hell right here, right now, by the thoughts we entertain and the stories our minds create and the love that's exchanged, and the honesty of vision.

 If one has fully known that whatever d mind conceives is dream illusory and unreal...
heaven and hell experiences are also unreal n part of the dream...there’s just life happening in bliss and for bliss..

Organized, exoteric religion has ALWAYS been the number one killer of people in the world and the greatest purveyor of hatred and repression. 

Religion preaches love and acceptance out of one side of its mouth and aids and abets judgement and intolerance out of the other. 
As a result of organized religion's shameful history of abuses towards humankind, we have entered what might be called a post-religious and individualistic spiritual age.

Those who continued to beat the drum of exoteric religion might do well to look inside, enter the silence they find there, and discover their own divine nature. 

This discovery almost never leads to judgement or intolerance. 
Rather it naturally produces compassion for those who continued to labour under the illusion that the answer to their perceived emptiness lies outside themselves--in religion or science or politics or relationships, etc. 

Spiritual awakening cannot be legislated or controlled by any organization, religious or secular. 

At their best, they can only point us inward and then shut up.


The mind is a mapmaker. Concepts, theories, and ideas are its stock in trade. It maps reality in an attempt to predict and control, adapt and survive. There is no problem with this process until we mistake the map for the territory or ourselves for the endless stream of thoughts and stories running through the mind.