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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Collective consciousness has great power. Like pillars of truth in a black world, our light reveals other beings as they are: invisible, aware, intelligent and - unquestionable as such.

Everything is consciousness. All manifestations (objects, experiences, energies, thoughts, perceptions) are nothing but consciousness. But that is not the bedrock of our nature.
In fact, consciousness is the first step into duality that creates the universe and makes experience possible.
We are that which observes the comings and goings of consciousness. And THAT cannot be named or objectified because it is not dual.

Life has no inherent meaning. 
It is simply of itself, so. 
All meaning is a projection of the mind in an attempt to establish control, purpose, direction, and self-justification. 

Life simply IS. 

It requires of itself no justification. In this complete absence of meaning lies perfect freedom.
All those activities in life simply occur. 
There is no reason for them except that they arise and are performed by this body/mind. Nothing is "not ok." What is is what is. 
No judgements, no intentions, no will, no entity... simply LIFE expressing itself exuberantly, extravagantly, creatively and without preconceived purpose.

“There are no special clubs, there are no special people, and there is no special awakening. There is just THIS HERE NOW, one and complete and all-encompassing. We ARE that oneness which precludes specialness of any kind. It is an ultimate democracy because the truth is immediately and completely available to anyone who looks. Nothing is hidden; everything is in plain sight perhaps that it why it is missed.” said Rose

If you want to discover your true nature, then love someone with your whole heart. Be tenacious and unrelenting in your love, regardless of whether you are loved in return. 
Give yourself away, totally and without reservation. 
Absorb any fear or pain that you may experience by loving so completely. 
Stir gently. Bask in the warmth of your beloved's smile and embrace. And watch what becomes apparent about who you are.

You are the Source of love. You are the Sourcing and Observing of all manifestation. Love arises in that which you are, moves and breathes and changes within that which you are, and transforms everything it touches EXCEPT that which you are. 

You are THAT. And so am I.


Dare to be unconventional, even a little bit crazy and off centre. Conformity to the herd is a living death. Don't be afraid to be an iconoclast and go your own way. That's when you have a chance to discover/see/understand your true nature.