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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Consciousness Swallows.....

Consciousness swallows everything. 
Every colour, every sound, every scent, every tipsy night out, every broken heart, every lost cause, every championship ring, every mind-blowing orgasm, every frowny face, every chirp, quip, snip and flounder. Consciousness sucks it all down the hole. 

This sentence is flying by at the speed of consciousness, a lawn dart launched into the sky above the tot lot.

Eat salad greens from the bag like they're potato chips.

-Not knowing isn't a new religion. It's what the other species have been doing the whole time we've been yammering about what we know.

I wonder how the tigers, dolphins, turtles and ants are fairing without the calendar and the pocket watch?

Even the model of biological reproduction is just a story. Is it the surest thing around? It's close to what the stuff appeared to do.

Since we're surfing the edge of consciousness sucking, doesn't look like we get to vote on the truest fairy tale. The best we can do is enjoy our ride and carve around the debris in the hole.

What I want to tell you is less important than what the sentence is fundamentally.

Love is the passing of wind.

Receive most questions between Sunday night and Thursday morning. Hmm?

You know that scene in the Titanic when the ship is capsizing and that dude hits the railing during his fall?

Miscommunication is nutrient rich. Make it a hobby to hunt it down and eat it like a heart.


Whenever my mind tries to be smart, I ask myself 'what would the cat, dog or a deer do in this situation?" .... seems to always make me laugh!