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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Being Alive is Not A Theory...

There is no present moment to point anyone to. 
There is no one here but us and we all know we're all full of crap.

Now my ass. None of us have ever seen now. 
We don't know what we see.

The no one's here crew has it the best. 
They get to swallow the bullet completely.

There is a lot I can say about living. 
It's pretty much all I've ever known.

Art is an act of survival. 
It is how a computer puts together pictures while waiting for deletion.

Living won't remember, eventually. I was taking a shit and looking at my hands. They are the single part of the body I feel I am the most. 
Staring at them I realized someday I would lose them and that felt like a big thing to accept. But I did because I hate suffering my stupidity more than anything else. 
Bye, hands.

Anything we think is subject to a finite bias. Thinking together really slowly and methodically is the only way we learn what we might be able to say. 
Science is our attempt at a democracy that makes sense. It isn't required to give a shit about anyone's cosmological perspective, though. 
That's pretty liberating. 
It's like playing hooky for the rest of the time. 

Group think is the only kind. This is what it looks like.

Today at the skate park this guy was talking about awakening. I was listening to him. He was talking about being awake for some future event of culminating wisdom where everyone gets what they want. 
I just listened. He told me he was part of a group of people who were coming to realize they could do anything they wanted to. My feet were warm on the pavement. 
Then he turned, rode down the ramp and fell on his ass really hard. He was okay though. It was all part of the plan. 
He wanted that to happen, that wincing in pain shit.

The one who knows the most about living is the one who is alive. 

Treat all social interactions exactly as if you were still in junior high. Everyone is still just here, available to talk to in the "hall". Go back to your teenage self and do what you wish you would have done then now. It's not too late. Really.

Mathematically speaking, this string of sentences was inevitable. 

I am the truth. You are, too. This is it. No memberships. No badges. No passwords. No fees. No lifeguards. Best of luck with the food and water today. 
Watch out for all the shit flying around. 

Treat living like a marble on an ice rink during an earthquake. The story of identity is the story of death. No one will remember the stories. Hang loosely about. Relax. Everything you see is in line for wipe-out.

Hoping for humanity is hoping to live. That's all. It's natural. 

Suffering is really more in the idea of it than anything else it. The less meditation, the less practices, the less doing shit I hate, the less suffering. 
Oddly enough, I had it flipped around. 
Silly me.

Appreciate being alive at the same time. 
Much Respect.