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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Jalan jalan....

--"Just travelin' around."

--The edge of the map is physical. 
The map is growing into unknown territory.

--What emotions teach is how to embrace them with not-emotion.

--There is a cost to not wandering away from the statues and decrees of societies. Which animal can speak about the universe? 

If all of them can, who, then, needs to be listening?

--The adventure of life and death is the same as the other stuff.




--Let it go. Whatever it was. This is fresh time.

--Food and water is every body's master. 

Any talking about afterlife is fear. 
No afterlife, no fear. 
Just food and water.

--The skeleton has no fear.

--Build how you want to feel from the bones out. 

Confident? Alert? 
Shape the bones. 
Posture is mood. 
Move bones, change mood. 
The image is not the canvas frame. 

--The "thing people remember" is the least interesting thing about being alive.

--Ezekiel Concentrate, Pencils Down, and Quiz 110.

--The soft tissue is useless. 

It's just for moving the bones around. 
The skull can't fret being empty.

--The history of the illness and malady is worse than the sensations the historian hasn't recorded yet.

--When it was really hectic, nothing was listening to a history. 

The histories popped up after the dust settled. 
That's why time slows down when we are at the edge of knowing what's actually happening. 
All systems are go except the historian. 
This is that edge.

--We have to be talking to ourselves about our lives to know what happened. 

That's extra-curricular.

--There was no good reason to be afraid of what happened to anyone.

--Someone asked what my intention was the other day. 

That's it. 
And having fun with friends along the way. 
And mischief, but that's really what survival is. Universal mischief.


Truest Lie. 
Falsest Truth.

--"Word hustles shuffling skeletons throughout eternity." Nun-the-Wiser.