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Tuesday, November 26, 2013


No belief, idea, or opinion is true. 
No set of dogmas or concepts is true. 
No religion is true. 
No spiritual philosophy is true. 
No healing approach is true. 
No relationship is true. 
In fact, nothing, absolutely nothing, we think, feel, see, or experience has the least bit of reality to it. It is all interpretation. 
Love and hate, good and bad, joy and sorrow, these are all illusions. 
Our experience of a "world" is totally dependent on how our senses take in information and how our brains interpret that information. 
Different senses + different brains would = different world. 

Our ideas and beliefs have a tremendous influence on how information is interpreted by the brain. That is why two people can watch the same event and come away with very different interpretations. 
In fact, they have to come away with different interpretations because no two people have all the same set of ideas/beliefs/concepts. 
We build relationships with individuals and groups based solely on how close we are in agreement with them on what is "real." 
If they interpret events in a somewhat similar way to us, they are more likely to be seen as trustworthy and perhaps we will have a relationship of some kind with them. 
If their perceptions of reality are radically different, we may avoid them and even label them as strange, weird, dangerous, or crazy. 
Seen in this way, our friends and intimates are simply deluded in a way that is consistent with or similar to the particular way in which we are deluded. 

As I look back over the years, I can see that I have "progressed" through a number of different belief systems, starting with conservative, moving through a combination of different mystical approaches, and ending up with a kind of nebulous spirituality that privileges no particular tradition. 

No, actually I have ended up with a belief system consistent with healing; seeing the world as composed entirely of energy or consciousness and devising ways to intervene energetically to heal self and others. 
But of course, this is just another set of ideas or beliefs and no more "true" than any of the other systems I have moved through. 
How many years have I spent readying thousands of books and practicing endless hours of various forms of meditation? 
Chasing after the wind, as the author of Ecclesiastes would say. 

So what would it look like to NOT believe in anything, not even LOVE, because that's just another idea or concept? 
Another overlay onto reality that serves to obscure the truth. 

What is the naked truth? 
I AM. 
Subjective awareness is all there is. Or all that can be proven to exist. Nothing else can be proven to be real. 
The entire universe, within and without, is the dream of I AM. 

The cogito is the one thing with the power to dissolve the ego, to send into overdrive and burn itself out on the Incomprehensible. 
Anyone who believes or teaches anything other than I AM is just demonstrating that they don't know what they are talking about. 

And I have been the chief among sinners.