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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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/ \ What would "I" be without "my" beliefs and practices?
Truth is always present. "I" don't like the truth so "I" seek a more compatible "truth" through spiritual beliefs and practices. Eventually, "I" experience that resistance of truth through belief and practice is futile. When this is clearly seen, seeking suddenly stops and the seeker suddenly disappears.
Then there is the recognition that truth is always present.

Thank You for this incredible day to be healthy, alive, open, loving, playful and stupid.
May everyone be filled with the sweet delight of not-knowing-anything. One does not need to be smart to be brilliant.

On a day like today, I don't go out at all, and then I can remain wrapped in a filthy dressing gown, doing absolutely nothing.

It is belief which allows human beings to go down the fourth tunnel ad nauseum. They go on doing what they do without any real satisfaction, without any nurturing, because they come to believe what they are doing is RIGHT. And they will do this forever, even if there is no cheese in the tunnel, as long as they believe in it and can prove they are in the right tunnel.

People who are getting satisfaction out of life don't have to prove they are in the right tunnel. Therefore they don't need beliefs.

Belief is what you have when you are not getting satisfaction in your life.

One's beliefs about reality may have no relationship to what is really happening.

Get it?"