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Monday, September 9, 2013

Sweet soft and lovely....

I feel touched deeply by the simplicity of this machine and how we, 

who may be lost or found or upsidedown;

who may be schizo, auti, or bi, (polar, sexual, and coastal); 

who may hate politics, religion, government, schooling and other people;

who may worship animals, cosmetics, mischief, music or cash;

who may be awake bright and early or grabbing one last cruise down the news feed;

who might be on the lunch hour, or on company time, or at home "sick", or in the hospital, sick;

who might be broken, tired, exhausted, bored, scarred, and hopeless;

who might think their awake or asleep or dreaming;

I salute you all with the deepest respect.

I stand in wonder of our lifetime and how, no matter how poetic, pedantic or postulary we may be, we continue to meet here in this odd, not-really-the-world world as friends, annoyances and above all else..