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Friday, September 13, 2013

We are the vehicles through which God expresses itself along with everything else...

The creative intelligence of the universe wants to move through you like a clear channel. 

It wants to play you like a music instrument. 
It wants to rock you like a hurricane. 
It wants to bring something incredible and unique into this dimension of reality through your unique expression. 
It wants to create the new through YOU. 

New worlds, 
new consciousness, 
new culture, 
new communities, 
new paradigm in relationships, 
new higher forms of artistic beauty, 
new expressions of love and harmony, 
higher and higher levels of vibration, synchronistic magic!

It wants you! 
Every single ounce of you! 

Say Yes to this universal creative intelligence with your whole body, 
your whole mind, 
your whole heart. 
Say Yes and life begins to become extraordinarily exciting. 

Say Yes.