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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Do you have any daily practices?

As I can only write about the past from where I currently sit, I can tell you I have played with many things over the years and the only thing that seems to have lasted through all the varying cultural absorptions and personality demolitions is simply asking:

"What do I want?"

This single question has revealed more to me than any other thing I have played with. Since all my actions are dictated by the subconscious answer to it anyway, the more I make it a conscious question, the more I learn about the kind of thing I might be.


"What do I want?" really helps in relationship, too.

I no longer expect anyone to be able to know what I want and to be considering this as their priority. I used to and I learned it doesn't just hurt, backfire, etc. It actually blocks my creativity and adaptability.

I can't improve with life on the juicy fly if I have already scripted everyone's lines. All I get when I do that is, "Wait! You weren't supposed to say that! You were supposed to say this!"

*Sometimes, "What do I not want?" has the same kind of revelatory effect.

Right now I'm just discovering and playing with the exploration of "me/I" and what that really means in my direct experience w/out labels or thoughts of what that is.

While I've always liked the question of what I want; I find I now wonder about the validity of some of my previous answers to that question.