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Friday, September 6, 2013

Great doubt, great enlightenment. Small doubt, small enlightenment and no doubt, no enlightenment.

Narcissistic encapsulation is a fascinating thing as it does not have the capacity to doubt, to question its own perceptions. They know they are right and we are wrong and there is no need to even consider another possibility.
"In the modern world the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubt." ~ Bertrand Russell

Doubt and faith are the same coin. Great doubt leads to great faith, which is not belief. The attitude of faith is to let go, and become open to truth, whatever it might turn out to be.

I have no choice but to believe in free will.

True awakening is the end of identification with the autobiographical self, so the person changes without intent or effort as that there is no longer any investment in propping up "the myth of me." On the other hand, awaking experiences can be hijacked by the autobiographical self and used within its myths. This is caused the "stink of enlightenment."

Within the human instrument, hormonal and neuron-chemical changes continue to occur and affect moods, energy, clarity of thought, but there is no longer the secondary process of an autobiographical self who would think it should be otherwise.
Some people, as they awakened, can appear to be schizophrenic. And we are all narcissistic before awakening happens!!!

Our true nature is our true nature transcendent of the instrument, of the brain and body. In theory, anyone can wake up to what is always already true. 
Everything is everything and some of it suffers. People wake up when they do. Awakening is not predicated on anything.

Waves are waves and also none other than the ocean. Some waves know this. Others don't. They are still waves and still the ocean. Awakening happens when they stop imagining that they are somehow "other" than the ocean.

Open mouth already a mistake.

The term "awakening" is in fact a very valid pointer for an apparent human being who is experiencing the usual human dilemma of an apparent separate and vulnerable self.

It points to a direct recognition that all and everything and nothing and not that are all water, that there is nothing other than water, no separate self, using your metaphor. It points to an all inclusive awareness that is simultaneously transcendental to and yet immanent as everything.

This is a transpersonal realization that, in fact, greatly impacts the apparent human person or body- mind instrument. But the realization brought about by "awakening" does not confer status, specialness or exotic states of being or experience.

It is when something stops happening - which is the creation of the experience of a special unique, separate autobiographical self, which is a product of time, memory, fear, ambition, desire and thought. This creation is maintained by self- obsessed thinking. When the autobiographical self thinks, what it is usually thinking about is, "me, my, mine in the past, future and now."

Identification as the autobiographical self ends upon awakening and, yes, awakening may very well be a shift in how the brain works, although awareness stands prior to the brain.