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Monday, September 16, 2013

"The fear of death is the wrestling match between the adrenal glands and the vagus nerve."

To do anything fun, even once, in a universe like this one, where the genetic lottery is the way it is and the forces exert are the way they and the timing is the snap! it is...

To have the luxury to have the time to worry...

To sit here, in the only thing ever known, still...

What a wonder to exist at all. Sure it's a pain in the ass, not knowing what is going to happen, kind of, and not winning and not achieving our dreams but so what?! 

The fear of death is the wrestling match between the adrenal glands and the vague nerve. Fun is freedom. Jokes are freedom. 

There is no greater joke than standing in the thing that kills are made of the thing that kills are sitting in the thing that births while reading what the thing that births is trying to say about the killing, not killing, and birthing.

Love being able to hear the power gather and disperse on the turns.

The strangest thing about being a meat battery is knowing it's not rechargeable.

It's also the coolest thing, knowing it's made of temporary.
Helps get it going.

Spirituality is another form of egotism on the island. 

It assumes the life is so special it needs other places to exist in order to be here at all. 
It is a middle finger to the entire wonder being alive really is.

Today and tonight is to create another place.

Don't recommend it.

It was the desire for achievement that pained. 

Sacrificed time, art, joy, and playfulness to the ever-launching missile of progress. 
Only achievement could have achieved was patience with the impossibility of achievement. 
Eventually, just relaxed.

This was the Shire if we was willing to live in wonder from the heart. 

Didn't have to be willing though. 
We could be all cranky and shit. 
No one else was coming.