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Monday, September 2, 2013

There is no way to practice awareness.

If I give up meditating, chanting, reading, searching, inquiring, and watching videos all that will happen is discovering at a faster rate the one thing that cannot be given up.

Awareness has no preference, no memory and never moves. Constant, open, spacious, and clear...what you are cannot be tainted by anything.
The reality is, you are here and you have successfully downloaded the "neo-advaita" language-game into your identity program.

If you wanted to, you could run any other possibility and get the same results: premise believed creates reality perceived. 
Give it a shot. 
The data is awesome.

Trace awareness to where it is coming from. You won't be able to go there or even see it, and yet you will understand somehow. 
This understanding is total grace. 
This is the end of confusion.

The truth is I never left. I was just gathering some labour intensive research on the nature of belief. All I can say is I am happy I am done with the project. It was making me crazy.

The "Look Ma! No actual object," language-game is only useful when applied to physical pain and the slow decline of the body. This can offer some actual reprieve. 
Otherwise, it is just another position for the mind to jockey with.

There are no "apparent" letters. There are letters that make up the delusional concept "a p p a r e n t".
What is, is. It is so simple and expression is another concept, as well as concept..etc. etc... 
I don't know why we like to share this stuff in this way, and who cares.

Because underneath the game is an actual prize. There is something worth pointing at.
Yes he did. Fun little bundle of this and that he is.

The difference is the mind is talking, picturing, imagining, fantasizing, remembering and wanting...and awareness is watching.

After all, when a thought happens, how do you know? 
What is listening to a thought? 
When a dream happens, how do you know?

Are you any of the changing objects arising and passing by, or 
are you the unchanging noticer?