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Friday, September 27, 2013

Tell it like it is, or isn't...

7 billion humans and uncountable species on a tiny planet in one of infinite galaxies, all contained in one universe. 
How many universes and dimensions are all contained in one emanation of consciousness creating its own reflection?

People like to be in clubs. 
I love the irony of people hanging out in the nondual club. 

Don't hang out with people you don't like to hang out with it can get annoying. 
Easier to just be. 
Ah! The simplicity

Silence is infinitely more powerful than noise.

One without reflection is nothing, and "nothing" does not exist. 
That I am is that you are.

We reflect each other, and that is reflection of the source.

Oneness contains diversity, like Yin and Yang in unity. To really understand nonduality, we must see the parts that it is comprised of. 
I am one body comprised of many cells, each of which is made of molecules and atoms, which are all energy in vibration, and that energy emanates from one source.

Thoughts we disagree with are like little friends... 
Without them we wouldn't know what we do agree with...