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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Reality is directly available.

There is nothing happening otherwise. 
There is nothing to anticipate. 
This is the way it is. 
This is it. 
Both you and me are one and zero, together we ruler the knowledge. We can agree, disagree, and ignore agreeing and disagreeing.

I am you in some way that deeply has not been determined other than the fact I exist enough to know you might be more than I think you are and less than I know, or vice versa. We are, and perhaps are not, together none the wiser for this being so.

All fear is of sort of existing.

Existence is the bond we share and existing is how we share it. It is silly to say I am the universe writing my Self.

The reason being what a universe is, what a self is, what a being is none of this has been determined. 
The very nature of our existence is the living question we are answering by existing.

What we are may not be we, like it or leave it. I can share what our nervous system is doing as this and you can share what our nervous system is doing as that.

Report ability is all living is. 

No one is remembering what no one is being. 
I was never living another version of our story. 
Love is the absence of fear. 
It is an unmistakable reality. 

The challenge of life is never the fear of the future. It is the fear of nothing. That is the whole question drills into space, personality fears, not traits.

They compost like any other living tissue. Neurons are just little seedlings. Memory records are sifted through consciousness.
Eventually, quiet, content fearlessness is the result. 

Awakening is a process, like any other kind of growing.
Fear isn't of dying. 
It is of nothing at all. 

I may attack myself in your body. 
You may forget it is us. 
I will not be afraid. 

Everyone I ever met was a mirror; a pupil, into which I fell and, like Alice, had the most remarkable adventure of the imagination. 
Nothing to prove, 
Nothing to fear, nothing to do. 
All is welcome.

For there to be a body to know about there has to be an I. Future success depends on past and present failing. 
Go Fail!

Love is desire and there is no greater desire than the love we are when we are fearless.
Don't believe any categorical labels apply absolutely to anything.
Love is not an action. 
It is a state of fearlessness. 
In solitude, love is not lost.

Whatever transfers physics from blackboard to bomb is question physics cannot answer yet.

Fear Nothing. 
Love Self.