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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

More than anything else, authenticity is what feels good to the soul. Complex, yet so simple....

Somewhere down the road it will all make sense. 
Don't ever, ever, ever, ever give up. 

You need no other reason, other than you’re alive and here to love yourself. 
Remember that YOU matter. 

Gratitude and love to all the loving and caring being. 
You are the kings of this world!  

A universe of possibilities, 
sees it, 
feel it, 
build it, 
create it. 

Gratitude for another day, life is ephemeral, treasure yours, and treasure the ones you love. Life is inherently magical and full of miracles, but can you allow it in your life, can you allow it in your heart. 
Do you know you're worthy of living all the joy you desire to experience? 
Do you know you could take action right now, small or big and as crazy and beautiful as you will let it be? 

Spending time with loved ones this weekend and thinking about all the family members I lost these past years, I realize more and more, life is an illusion, yet very precious, so much is not that serious, but love.

Share your love, share your heart, your passions, your uniqueness, you deserve it; the ones you love deserve it.

The beautiful moon tonight, in waning phase, the time to face and let go of what needs to be released in your life. 
Life is now. 
Acceptance of what is is very powerful.