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Thursday, November 15, 2012

What is worse than ignorance, Intellectual arrogance?

Education isn't the solution to all our problems which seem to be caused by ignorance. When the intellectuals of society consider themselves superior to others not as formally educated as them, it widens the gap of the delusional duality which obviously doesn't really serve Humanity. Humbleness is a trait of the wisdom and not everyone educated in wise.

It's ridiculous how some haughty "educated" individuals can be. I'm a little overwhelmed.
I keep remembering that we are dealing with human traits regardless of the particular field or area. The behaviour is tied to personal insecurities eventually.

Some people educated or not seem to elevate themselves above others! Some we forgive because they are generous and kind! And the mean ones irritate us because it is so unnecessary! Learn gobs and be kind to each other! And we really don't know where everyone has been!!

Lots of these guys’ whole identities are built upon those letters at the end of their names. Strip that away and what do they have?

Education when achieved through hard work let’s say a PhD or a masters degree is an ego hard to let go for some who have and will hold on to it as a means of distinguishing themselves from the commoner ( education level ) wise .
This implies a proud moment in his or her history that it becomes hard to let go of this divisional achievement particularly to people who might not be successful financially......

The meaning is simple ... A Bill Gates to Warren Buffet to Ben Bernanke are much more humble even with educational and intellectual prowess and are open to hearing out and learning rather than an education obsessed not so all round successful academician with a doctorate who will be obsessed with his education and could turn out to be an emotionally unintelligent person.....

The Buddha’s final words " I am still learning " when practiced in the real world means you listen to everybody’s point of view no matter what your educational process is !!!.. That the only indicator of true wisdom

Education is to expand ones options.
To let you see there more than options.
To choose to be pompous and arrogant is not the best use of education.

Academic incest is not education.

I will never forget my teacher who said to the class the purpose of the teacher is to provide survival to the student. It is the task of the student to provided learning for the teacher.

However, I recall a line my father said to my sister and me, upon graduation. "It is what you learn after you know it all that matters."

Everything serves humanity.. Humbleness and ignorance equally... Wisdom is discovered in transcending your judgement of either.

Education is important, compassion is critical. I'm a selective ignorant and believer of finding balance in the duality of our world.

Elitism in academia is as bad as withholding food from the poor, just because. I admit it is one reason I came out of the 'fraternity' of academics despite being easily qualified.
There is heartlessness and ruthlessness in that segment of society, to keep people from elevating from their circumstances and bringing other people along.

A human being takes advantage of a multitude of other things to complement his own deficiencies in certain respects.

Can a human, whose state is such that he uses everything he finds to his own ends, be expected to respect another human being?
Can he extend his hand to another in co-operation and turn a blind eye to his own desire for the sake of mutual benefit?

For any individual, social facility is an objective strategic value. Moreover, given the right people, sociability can be a pleasure!!
More generally, human does not have automatic knowledge of what to value, but actual needs are set by his nature & state of surroundings and off course the type of people around.

I'd rather say it’s not a crime to be good but we must also judge who we are good to. Sometimes ignorance is bliss!!

Well, Gandhi would argue the first part of your comment with you, and I will posit that being judgemental is not our assignment...and considering all life forms are truly a part of the singular divinity, judging who is "worthy" of our compassion and kindness becomes an exercise for those still asleep.

But I do agree that "Ignorance is Bliss". It's just that no one will admit to that state...and therein lays the sadness.