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Friday, November 16, 2012

It's time to come together. It's up to you, what's your pleasure? Everyone around the world... Come on!

There are some things that YOU’RE just finished with! 

So stop turning around and looking back. There are some bridges that YOU should never cross again. Be real...YOU simply can't put humpty dumpty together again.

YOUR past should be just that...YOU’RE past.

Whatever YOU earned or learned, loved or lost, bought or sold...it can never be the same...that time is gone forever.

Embrace the pain of letting go of that which is not good for YOU.

Step into it...YOU'RE stronger than the pain.

YOU can survive, and YOU will thrive again.

Get off of the emotional roller coaster, and take back YOUR mind.

Stop the rewind button, and use the memories from YOUR past to build a better life.

People and situations show us parts of ourselves that we could never ever see by ourselves.

Seek the wisdom, learn the lesson, and move on. 

Always remember despite how YOU may feel ~

YOU have something special ~ YOU have