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Friday, November 23, 2012

What is reality?

When you look at a blossoming flower, your brain takes the vibrational frequency of that flower through the eyes and decodes it into what we could call a virtual image. 

That image does not exist anywhere except in your perceptual mind. Another person standing with you will not perceive that flower in the exact same way that you do due to their own perspective. 

What does this say about the relationship between consciousness and reality?

Using this point of view it is clear that we never experience the physical world directly and as such the flower remains forever beyond our knowing.

All that we perceive, (see, hear, touch, smell, taste) has been constructed in the mind from sensory data. We think we are experiencing the world, when in fact our experience is one of the mind.

What is the difference between what we perceive as physical, what we are able to recall as memories and what we dream? 

All are in the mind. When we wake up and say "It was just a dream" we think we have come back to reality because now we perceive using sensory data. 

The truth is that it is just another creation of our minds.

Just thinking out loud...