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Thursday, November 22, 2012

HOW often do amazing friendships keep ending by non-mutual non-platonic feelings getting in the way?

Ooh too often ha ha!
I prefer that ending to the “Unveiling of secret douchebaggery “ending I usually get.

How many people on the Earth?

New friendships can be built quite easily, but it takes time to build mutual understand for the friendship to mature and evolve to becoming a strong bond.

What’s the solution?

Sometimes the feelings may be mutual but one of the two may not be ready for a relationship for various reasons, fears, and responsibilities.

It could all end then too.  Every relationship / love story has a time and till that time happens nothing happens or was it really a friendship if such differences lead to ending it? Or, don't friends love and accept each other and want for the other what they want for themselves?

Maybe it was a love story even to begin with...just that one of the two got too scared by the prospect of a relationship.

In some cultures there's no such thing as a non-platonic friendships between guys and girls. In such places, it's rare to find lasting friendships between men and women, until one may get married. I'm sure you understand what I mean being a South Asian woman yourself too.

One could cross over the line of friendship because of the deep emotional bond and that may be the worry in even keeping in touch....for heterosexual’s deep man-woman friendships are fraught with danger of crossing the line if both are single
My guess is that you have a great number of people who would love to take you away into an individual relationship!

Though it may just could be the nature of man-woman friendships...when 2 are single at least one of the two is likely to want more than friendship...just chemistry, loneliness, need so on and so on...

It isn’t about great catch or a trophy or anything...just that the friendship bond can deepen further between a man and a woman...And either both or one may want to express it through intimacy.

Sometimes friendships can be fun because there is that little bit of man woman chemistry.

I think it is a show of how developed you are if you can express your feelings and then continue to be friends.
I have in the past and it has ended well and we continued to be friends. It comes down to maturity.

A lot of loves stories innocently start through friendship, those that have mutual feelings, go on to have a successful relationship leading to marriage.
If the feelings are not mutual then they can still survive the friendship, if the respect of friendship and common ground is still there.

Having said that, I know people in their younger days split up over trivial things, letting pride take over their better judgement that later regrets letting their special one go.
Friendship is about being able to be honest with each other. If you have feelings for a friend and they are not returned then there is no reason to break that friendship. The trick is to not burden the friendship with your unwanted feelings.

Sometimes you find that without the romance...the friendship really doesn’t have too much...pointless suppressing feelings and continuing then isn’t it...its worse when both have feelings but unable to take it to a relationship due to some other life issues, scars

Just my 2 cents