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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The way is in.

What I am is identical with this moment – perhaps that is the true meaning of 'identity', it's how the moment has meaning, otherwise it doesn't have any.

It's not two things that are the same, me and this moment - it's that there are not two things - there is ONLY this - and it's what I am.

People turn to spirituality, non duality to find a way out but there is no way out, is there? 
As I see it, the small self, feeling separate, wants to be completed, it is never comfortable because it feels separation. 
So it seeks unity but its very existence is stopping that happening. T he concept of the small self is the cause of its own suffering and there is no way out because everything is inclusive.

The way is in.

Face the stuff that you are running from and find wholeness in those experiences, and then they can no longer trouble you.

You cannot escape from what appears as present experience, for who would escape? We don't escape TO freedom - the freedom is IN our total inability to escape. 
Who would escape from this moment exactly as it is including any idea of the one who can or cannot escape?

Absolute mystery, absolute gift, absolute not-knowing, absolute inescapability, I see true freedom in these -- I see that I am right here, at the interface between a world of form and the absolute something from which it springs! 
Or is it nothing!?

What you are, as the open space in which all thoughts, sensations, feelings appear, is always in meditation. It is meditation itself. Within this ever-present meditation, the idea 'I'm meditating' is allowed to appear and disappear. But what you are never stops meditating.

The meditated does not meditate. The image of the meditate ('the one who meditates') appears and disappears in meditation. Nobody ever meditates - meditation is not something that you do. It's what you already are.

Life is non-stop meditation. 

My guru is this moment. 
My lineage is this moment. 
My spiritual path is this moment. 
And my home is this moment.  
And in this moment there is no you, only existence.

When all worldly riches and spiritual 'highs' have come and gone, what remains? That which is present then, is present now.