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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Say what you think and feel..

Many people are now dying to express their thoughts, literally now!

Human Beings make almost all their decisions emotionally, while at some level believing they are as rational as Mr. Spock.

Thinking is what makes human special and different. Acting only instinctual without thinking means a step back in evolution.

It’s easy to agree with the sentiment but our world has people fighting, and dying in masses because they DO think!!

Don’t like to be personal, but if someone is a teacher of our teens and has lost hope, teach them better!

YOU have their attention!

Most teens, certainly the ones I know, care more for each other, and their global community than any of us grown up do!

Bring on the future.

I applaud to parents that encourage 'free' thought within their children - respect for others is the starting point, and manners too go a long way.