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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

•´¯`•.♥. •´¯`• what I want for the world •´¯`•.♥. •´¯`•

I want for our future to be safe.

I want to live where we don't need to fight wars to settle our disputes.

I want bad people to be nice to their fellow man.

I want so that nobody has to be sick or go hungry again.

I want every person on Earth to have a home to live.

I want my mummy and daddy to be secure when they cannot work any more.

I want our world we live in to be helpful to each other instead of being cruel and mean.

I want everybody to be honest and not lie.

I want our water, food and air to be safe for all

I want there to be no disease.

And lastly,
I want everybody to be in heaven where we can forever be happy and always with the ones we love