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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Bestow love on all...

Today bless your spirit and acknowledge all of your beautiful qualities.

Don’t allow your ego, or anyone else's makes you doubt your innate goodness, holiness, love-lines and lovability.

You cannot improve upon the spirit within as it is the holy light of God in you. You can only improve upon your awareness of your gorgeous and divine spirit.

Sadly there are those who have temporarily lost connection with their light and want to drag you into the darkness of mind with them.

Forgive them but step away. 

Stand firmly in your own inner light, no matter how challenging this may feel with some, and know in doing so you might even eventually assist in helping those who feel dark to reconnect to their own light again.

We are all made of light and so do not be afraid of shining yours in the dark. Your inner light is the same light that we all share.

The more you shine out, the more you invite others to join you. All my love dear shining stars, be bright!

So it is.