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Sunday, November 11, 2012

As humans we hold onto so much, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Every experience we have on earth is stored, in our mind, our body, and our tissues.

We are being guided today to realise that it is not necessary to hold onto and harbour such emotions that cause us inner turmoil, pain, anger, resentment, the lower frequency emotions.

Our body is a vessel, of purity of love, of peace; this is what we are working towards as we travel on our ascension path.

It’s the being able to see things for what they are and to begin to let go, the human body is a vessel but not for harbouring negativity, it’s a vessel to hold onto the light so the work for us to concentrate on is being free, emotionally, mentally and physically.

This is not work to take lightly for as we begin to free ourselves on many levels through linking with many different spiritual practices, whatever we choose that to be, Megaton is very much at the helm of this releasing journey.

Fear not that which you may need to work through, fear not of how alone you feel at times and how you wish you could turn back the tides of time, be in this moment, for now is where the healing and letting go occurs.

If you hold onto things and have regret or remorse, pain or suffering and cannot find forgiveness or wish others would forgive, do not harbour on to this pain. 

This emotion, allow yourself to rise up, lifting up into the light, knowing that you are being cleansed and rejuvenated, unburdened and released.

Now is the time for letting go, of the past, freeing up your vessel so that it may soak up the light, so that you may be free and to live lightly with love and from the heart.

We know you struggle, we see this struggle and know that we are working to release you, but your part in this is your belief and to allow yourself to unburden.

 Take away the weight from your mind and heart, allow your vessel to begin to release from many shackles of many lifetimes.

When you are free, your wings will open and you will definitely begin to fly, and feel weightless....we are not asking that you walk around in robes and chant OM!

We are asking that you begin to allow these energies to assist you in your awakening, your ascension, and you can do it this lifetime.

See past the dramas of life, the dressings and the pain, know that you are exactly where you need to be right now and although there may be lessons as you call them, they are there for your release journey.