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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Is it possible to hear criticism, even insult, and find deep acceptance in any response that emerges in the moment - grounded in the unshakeable knowing that what you really are doesn't need defending? 

And then, being radically open, is it possible to find a nugget of truth in what they are saying, even if it results in momentary humiliation, and destruction of the image of the one you thought you were? 

This doesn't mean you become passive and weak. Quite the opposite. You stop identifying as 'victim' or 'hurt one', and stop seeing the other as 'enemy', and you remain open and vast, the infinite capacity for all life, for all thought and sensation and feeling. 

And here, in the midst of conflict, you discover the place where conflict ceases to be conflict at all - and wake up to a love beyond reason. 

Yes, every human relationship is a constant invitation to let go. Your mother, your father, your friends, your lovers, your co-workers, everyone you meet - here are your final gurus, your ultimate teachers. 
Listen to them.