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Thursday, November 8, 2012

What is Moral?

When faced with a scenario or set of choices how do we know what is moral?

It’s about to get deep, real deep. I am going to pick apart the brain and analyse why a thing is moral or immoral.
There might even be some grotesque over-analyse of thought patterns and over detailed wording of ideas like “broad vs. specific behaviour of humans”.
I think one of the best ways to hit this topic right is to scope through some examples and bring up moral dilemmas.
In doing so we can peruse the dynamics of the human beings decision making apparatus. So let’s figure out what is moral.

It is Easier to not have to Think, I think the complexities of situations which warrant and demand deep concentration scare away many people.

These people often times seek answers in the extreme and because they are running from the complexity of the issue this is why they seek only evidence to support their belief.

The fear of the unknown is also a huge factor in confirmation bias. This can stem from a base desire to know the world.

To not know the world leaves so many scary possibilities. If we pretend to know things and neatly place everything into nice black and white categories then order has been restored!

This, however, retards humanities social and moral growth.

Seek truth rather than confirmation bias

Now about abortion, the conservative view might be correct, or it might not. I don’t really know although personally I feel sometimes it is justified and sometimes not.
We cannot be sure of truth if we have confirmation bias guiding our intellectual pursuits.

Be you liberal or be you conservative, if you never step out of your cocoon and test the waters which your pseudo-enemy treads upon you will never enrich your knowledge of the situation.

To seek truth is admirable; to seek comfortable lies is abominable.