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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buddies or friends?????

If you look for flaws indeed you will find it as I am with many. I am that I am that you want to see but I know what I am matter not what you think.  
I know now I have been confused “buddies" with "friends”!

Buddies are people you have fun with, enjoy hanging out with, are there as long there is entertainment, fun, and smooth waters.
They basically want smooth waters and get off the boat as soon as the winds pick up. They are drama phobic.

When things get rough, they disappear in their little safe house until the storm blows over, hoping you will be alright, when you actually cross their minds.

But they definitely won't be sticking their neck out for you, or put themselves out in any way. They will simply wait for the storm to pass and them see if you are still fun to hang out with or if the storm has jaded you, and go from there.

True friends are there for more than mere entertainment or fun. 

Of course you can still enjoy hanging out and having fun with friends, but the difference is, friends don't jump off the boat when the storms blow in - they stand beside you and yell, "Bring it on!  We are riding this shit out together!"

They are there no matter what happens or how badly you get hit. If you get pounded, they are there to pick up the pieces, and God help your enemies who cross their path!

True friends are akin to brothers in arms. Never confuse a buddy for a true friend, or a true friend for simply a buddy.

They may seem the same at times, but in reality, they are worlds apart.