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Friday, April 9, 2010


The negative forces in the world  (EGO) seek to create anger and discord between people.

Unfortunately, that's not very difficult to do. Whether its a dispute about who pays the bills, who's first in the checkout line or who controls the TV remote, there's always an ample supply of things to argue about.

Until you are able to turn away from all that, you'll never see true joy and fulfillment - either in your life or in the world.

One of the most dangerous things about anger is the way there always seems to be such a good excuse for it.

You've been wrong, you've been hurt, you've been victimized - you've got every justification in the world for taking out your feelings on those responsible for your injustice.

The only trouble is when you do so, you ensure the continuation of chaos and negativity everywhere.

Always ask for the power to see beyond surface conflict to the deeper unity of all people.

Seeing the unity will fill your eyes with love instead of envy.