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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Resisting Reactions

Your eyes can shift from love to hate, serenity to jealousy, in an instant. This happens everytime you react to a given situation.
The key to controlling your glances is found in a concept called RESISTANCE.

Namely, you resist the desire to react to instinctive impulses.

Not only does this action of resistance prevent you from casting angry or jealousy eyes at another person, it also helps you achieve your purpose in life.


Well, the moment you resist a reactive egocentric response, you find your true self - a proactive soul. That means you find the Light and fulfillment in that specific circumstance.

We you react you are not a creator, you are simply an effect. The person or situation that caused you to react is the cause, but when you resist reactions, you are now the cause of your emotion and the creator of your consciousness.

That means fulfillment is now free to flow to you. You just won a round of hide and seek. This, by the way
is the secret to getting all your prayers answered.