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Saturday, April 3, 2010


I have come to believe over and over again that what is most important to me must be spoken,

made verbal and shared, even at the risk of having it bruised or misunderstood.

It is vital to put our thoughts. When we have an important decision to make, we often say "I need to talk this through," or "I need a sounding board." Our beliefs and values come to life and become more tangible when we speak them or write them down in hope of sharing them.

When we keep our thoughts inside, its almost like we're hiding. So, we take the risk and speak. Afterwards, not only does the other person know more about us, we know more about ourselves.

I choose to speak my thoughts on what matters to me. It might be hard to find the right words, and the other person might not understand but it is worth the effort to share who I really am.

And character grows from habit! Character is simply habit long enough continued.

Persist in a certain practice for a couple of weeks and it becomes habit.

Persist in it for a couple of months and it becomes hard not to do it.

Keep at it for a couple of years and it changes who we are.

Whatever the habit, good or not so good, it is a part of us - an expression of our values.

How do others describe us? Picky, fun-loving, casual, charming, fickle, introverted, honest or intense?

Others come to their conclusions about us through observing our habits.

My character is a composite of my habits. I will decide carefully about embracing new habits, breaking old ones and choosing those I want to maintain.

note to AH 20th & 21st NOV. 2009