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Monday, April 5, 2010

Take hold of happiness

Happiness hates the timid!
Our feelings can be influenced by circumstances outside our control. Over the long term, however, we have a large amount of choice about how we feel.
Our daily decisions to direct our inner thoughts towards sad matters or hopeful ones reinforce one emotion or the other.

Happy people tend to possess an ingrained habit of looking for the good in any moment; one bit of happiness creates more happiness.
it takes a strong will to direct one's thoughts in this fashion.

I boldly take hold of happiness and so must you. Whenever our thoughts turn sad or discouraging, we must insist on looking for one thing that we can be happy about and meditate on it. Our beautiful family, our sons, our daughters and  friends around you.

You are your own greatest encouragement.

note to AH  and Aunty Tila 5/4/10