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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Being a complete person

What do we wish for or what do I wish for and need? To me a right relating to myself needs to come first.

It is not easy to attain fulfillment. We have to work hard on ourselves to become well-directed, focused person, able to cope with events as they occur and to transform setback into valuable experiences that broaden the scope for future achievement. Anyone who strives for fulfillment will realize that this requires a process of self-development.

A basic need is a sense of purpose. This may sound obvious, but how many of us can make a clear statement about the purpose of our life? Platitudes come easily to our mind, but they are only vaguely related to our aspirations; they are no substitute for belief in the purpose of our own individual existence and trust in our ability to accomplish it. They can only develop out of our own discerning sense of destiny.

Can we read the signs in our biography that reveal our mission? The place where we were born, the family, the clime, the formative events that have unfolded in our biography so far, the rhythms and repetitions that have patterned our life-story, the events that have helped or hindered our progress, our gifts and weaknesses, our doubt and confidence, the conflicting goals of our ambition....all these spell out the message that point the way to our own life-task.

Nothing special will be achieved if we set goals for ourselves but fail to marshal the force and sharpen the skills that can attain them. This is a matter of will power - the will is a mysterious force in the human

soul. It can all too readily be enthralled by our habits and predilections....indeed also by addictions and so be largely unfree , it needs our devoted effort to wrest it free from these unconscious constriction.

This requires constant motivation and application, only through self-motivation can we achieve mastery conscious aspiration over the unconscious drives within us.

The way to personal fulfillment will remain close to us until we reach a clear sense of purpose and self discipline to guide us to our soul energies.

Contentment and fulfillment requires a balance in the feelings so that we do not loose control.

note to AH 21 Nov. 2003