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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Faith in Others

We must have infinite faith in each other.

When we expect the best from others ,we help make it possible for them to be, do and create their best.

We've heard the example of the child who is told she is bad or untrustworthy; she rapidly begins to fulfill that expectation.

Conversely, when we give the same child a new responsibility, empower her to fulfill it, and then repeatedly
affirm that we trust her to carry out the task, it is likely she will.

Parts of us remain childlike and responsive to other's expectations throughout our entire lives.

It is an act of grace to have faith in the people around us, offering to hold open the door to their growth and transformation.

I have faith in others. I communicate that by telling them I beleive in their abilities and trust them to keep their word.

note to AH 8/4/2010