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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Unconditional Love

" My love is unconditional. It is its own reward. I removed the labels of 'friend' or 'enemy' from the people in my life, and extend my love to everyone."

Judicial robes are "one size fits all". They're easy to slip into, they're comfortable, and when you look into the mirror they make you seem very powerful and distinguished. It's always fun to don your robe and impose judgement on those around you. But it's also diametrically opposed to your own best interests.

As long as your human interactions are dominated by judgement and hostile evaluations, you yourself will be judged. As long as negative energy dominate your interaction, the light you can receive is limited accodingly.

Only by shading your judicial robe, only by offering love without limits to everyone - whether they "deserve" it or not - can you gain joy and fulfillment that are also without limits.

The light of fulfillment is there for you all the time, every day and every night, regardless of whether you're being 'bad' or 'good'. The force we call the Creator sees you at your worst moment and still emanates unconditional love.

If you can emulate that divine attribute - by offering love to everywhere, without reason- you'll receive it in return.

Always remind yourself of this vital insight.