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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Human Curtain - Ego!!!!

The curtain called ego is a multi-layered fabric, woven by every egocentric action and deed. The layers in this fabric include anger, jealousy, rage, worry,anxiety, intolerance, prejudice, resentment,frustration, pessimism and selfishness....you name it.
Clearly ego is the foundation of all forms of envy. It compels you to convince others that you're right when you're wrong.
Ego gives you the illusion that you act freely, but in reality you are captive to its desires.When ego express itself as envy, you're held hostage to constant pressure to out do your friends and colleagues.
You're in bondage to your reactive whims and self-absorbed desires.
You are captive to your job and financial pressures. You're a prisoner to other people's perceptions of you. You're incarcerated by your need for other people's acceptance.
You're in prison and you don't even know it.