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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Suddenly, for whatever reason, while walking down a familiar path, you notice that the destination has become more important than the journey itself. 
Your urgency to reach the goal has pushed every precious step out of focus. 

You have been walking blindly, unconsciously, not really present to your walk, mesmerised by a future, disconnected and alone, walking down a familiar path.

The focus then shifts, from the imagined future scene of the movie of your life, to the present scene, here, now. 

From what is not present, to what is present. 
You feel your living body again, 
the thumping of your heart, 
the breath going in and out, 
the softness of the ground underneath your feet, 
the gentle breeze on your face; you hear the rustling of trees all around and the barking of dogs in the distance. 
You feel supported, again, connected to everything and everyone. 

Life has been exploding everywhere, but you were focussed elsewhere, in some other time and place. 
You notice tension and tiredness all over your body, tightness in your shoulders and chest. 
You forgive yourself for neglecting yourself. 
You bring warm, loving presence to these neglected parts, and this allows the tension to relax and dissolve in its own time. 
You are relieved to be Home again, present to your walk. 
Your hopes and fears about the future pale in comparison to this immediacy, this aliveness.

You will get to your destination, perhaps. 

But right now, the walk is everything. 

Every step is reminding you how to live. 
Every breath is a little guru.